Mapex Orion or Saturn Drum Set (any color)

22”x18” bass drum (front head with small whole cut and small pillow muffler)
12”x10” rack tom (on bass drum mount)
13”x11” rack torn (on bass drum mount)
16”x16” floor tom with legs and 18x16 floor tom with legs
(if the above set up is not available, 12” rack tom can be replaced by a 10” tom and the 13” rack tom by a      12” tom)
14”x 5.5” or 14”x 6” Black Panther snare drum (phosphorus bronze, steele, or brass with power hoops)
Please have a spare snare drum!


Mapex Hardware

one set of Falcon double pedal
one hi hat h 950A
two Falcon snare stands
six mini Falcon boom cymbal stands
round Mapex throne t 750A


Remo Heads

Remo Emperor white coated on toms (if the drums come with Emperor clear, that will be fine)
Remo Ambassador or Emperor white-coated on snare drum
Remo Power stroke 2 or 3 on bass drum clear or coated


Sabian Cymbals

one HHX 21” Dry Ride Raw bell
two HHX 18” Evolution crashes
one pair of HHX Power Hats
one 10” Evolution splash
one 20” HHX China
one 18” HHX Ozone crash


LP Percussion

one LP Galaxy Bongos on a stand (with Remo fiberskin heads if possible to be played with sticks)
one Tito Puente set of Timbales 15”- 16” or 14”- 15”


Regal Tip Sticks

Regal Tip “El Rockero” Walfredo Reyes, Jr. Model
Regal Tip Blasticks “Flares”



Adequate sound system & mics on drumset. Audix mics preferred.
Artist might play with tracks from his sound source (laptop, CD, etc.) or with musicians.
Please have a wireless mic on a boomstand to talk and play drums at the same time, and another mic in front to speak/answer audience questions.
Towel and bottled water (vitamin water, juice water, etc.)
Sharpies or permanent markers & photos of artist/flyer to sign autographs post-event.



Mapex Drums
contact: Joe Hibbs

Sabian Cymbals
contact: Ann McNally

LP Percussion
contact: Steve Nigohosian

Remo Drumheads
contact: C. Hart

Regal Tip Sticks
contact: Carol Calato

Audix Mics
contact: Cliff Castle

Artist Internet info: