"Walfredo is a warrior drummer. I would go into battle with him anytime, anywhere."
- Robbie Robertson, http://www.robbie-robertson.com/

"I first met Walfredo Reyes in 2007. I had done two solo albums back to back, and Wally came in to replace the drummer we'd worked with on the first tour. When he showed up, the level of the show elevated quite a bit. Wally's potent combination of musicianship, versatility, showmanship and heart added so much; with his arrival our ensemble was complete. I have a new album coming out soon and I can't wait to work with him again!"
- Lindsey Buckingham, http://lindseybuckingham.com/

"We had the most fantastic time playing with Wally, he is one of the most versatile players I know, being able to play in any style from that of Ringo to Changuito, and pretty much everything in-between. His grooves are as solid as any I've ever heard, his technical ability is faultless, and it is never over-used. Whether this is relevant or not I don't know, but when not on the drum stool he always had the ability to keep me and the whole band entertained! A great guy and a wonderful musician; a joy to work with."
- Steve Winwood, http://www.stevewinwood.com/

“Walfredo Reyes is extremely and supremely insightful with the joy of creating music from the heart of color and rhythm. He and his father are pillars in American music and I am very grateful for their spirits.”
- Carlos Santana, http://www.santana.com/

"Walfredo Reyes, Jr., continuing the legacy of great musicians from Cuba. Always playing contemporary with an amazing feel for any genre or styles."
- Alex Acuña, world renown drummer/percussionist

"Walfredo has earned his place in the pantheon of those drummers we respect as the world's finest. He is able to play across the musical spectrum with fantastic technique and groove. I love playing with him and I call him "The Flying Wallito" because soloing in one of Wallito's grooves always gave me the sensation of flying. Walfredo's Latin heritage is also evident in his playing, and gives his grooves that rhythmic lift and tilt I have experienced with other players such as the great Billy Cobham and Lenny White, who so obviously have done their Latin homework. To add to this, Walfredo is great company on the road. The Flying Wallito - a great drummer and a great gentleman."
- Brian Auger, http://www.brianauger.com/

"Wally has it all: he owns the clave, can rock steady, has great cymbal technique, and smiles!. And he can play it sweet and low or hard and fast. He gives Good Groove."
- Mickey Hart, http://mickeyhart.net/

"Walfredo is one of those rare musicians that can play any style of music authentically, and still retain his unique personality. You always know it's Wally: Perfect time, a deep funky pocket, tone for days and an uncanny ability for making the cowbell work anywhere, any time!"
- Carl Verheyen, http://www.carlverheyen.com/

"My life would not be the same had I not met and played with Walfredo Reyes, Jr. He has put so much joy, rhythm, and compassion in my life, and for that I am eternally
- Alphonso Johnson, http://www.embamba.com/

"I have worked with Wally for many years now, and I have to say that he is one of the finest drummers and percussionists I have ever worked with. Whether it be a filmscore, an album track or even a live concert performance, Wally plays with passion, emotion and excitement, and delivers EVERY TIME! In addition to his stellar professional approach, his sense of humor and warmth are overwhelming! If you want 'feel', this is the guy!"
- Bob Parr, Producer, Engineer and Composer