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WALFREDO will autograph the DVD cover and include a signed photo with each DVD purchase!

"My main intention for doing this DVD was for drummers that want to start adapting and experimenting with percussion on their drumset, learning the "feel" of various global beats that are not heard much on the mainstream music stations.This DVD has something for beginner, intermediate and advance drummers. It is not a "show off" of technique and chops, it's a musical approach to playing grooves with a live band. I hope you enjoy it."

Alphonso Johnson - Bass; Armand Sabal Lecco - Bass; Roger Burn - Keyboards; Ramon Stagnaro - Guitars; Kevin Ricard - Percussion; Daniel de los Reyes - Percussion; Kattisse Buckingham - Sax and Flute.

Walfredo Reyes, Jr. - Global Beats for Drumset & Percussion (2005)

Walfredo Reyes, Jr. - Global Beats for Drumset & Percussion (2005)


In this information-packed DVD, virtuoso drummer Walfredo Reyes, Jr. shows you how to combine rock drumming techniques with a wide range of African, Caribbean and South American percussion sounds to create an integrated global drumming style.

Through inspirational live performances and detailed, step-by-step analysis, Walfredo shows you how to: develop a "split brain" style combining right-hand rock beats with left-hand global percussion * understand and play a variety of intricate global beats * integrate drumset with percussion instruments.

Walfredo's down-to-earth teaching style offers easy-to-understand explanations and methodical demonstrations of each rhythm, and the accompanying booklet includes notated versions for added clarity.


These sticks are very versatile. I designed them with Regal Tip creating a round "butt-end" and a perfectly rounded football tip so you can play with either side of the stick. I use the sticks frequently turned around so I can achieve more power and create different sounds on cowbells and cymbals then with the butt-end.

It's a bit heavier than a Regal Tip 5B, allowing you to play in all styles of music and to rock all nite!!